Have a safe trip!

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I think you are probarbly wondering why I haven't updated in so long. Well here is the answer. Today is a very big day for the Davis's. After 8 long months Savannahs Dad returned home from fighting for his country in Irak. He was severely missed by all his family and they were thrilled when he got to come home, but was told he would have to go back to Irak. There was however another choice, he was given the option to move to Japan for 3 years but this time with his family by his side. And of course that is the option that they went with!

So today the Davis's said goodbye to America for 3 years and are saying hello to Japan. I hope you will join me in wishing them a safe trip. WE LOVE YOU GUYS!!! We hope you have an unforgetable experience filled with lots of happiness and special memories!!

As for Savannah's modelling they are going to see what work is out there for her so you never know we may be seeing Savannah in Japanese magazines sometime soon!!!

Please leave a comment if you want to or just leave one in the tagboard. Thanks to everyone who visits this site. Your support since 2007 has had a great impact smile

Lots of pictures!

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Hi Guys! Sorry it has been so long since the last update but I have been really busy but I do have a nice update for you all today!

Savannah can be seen in the 2009 School Uniforms & Fall edition of the Landsend catalog! She looks super cute in both, braces really do suit her laughing

I also came across a lot of old images for Landsend dating right back to early 2007! Some of these are adorable and you really need to check them out! Thanks to we have a very sweet picture of Savannah and some of her friends Behind The Scenes of a Landsend shoot she shot earlier this year.

That's it for now but be sure to check out all the pictures mentioned above by clicking on the links or the thumbnails below:

»{001x} Landsend Fall 2009 Picture
»{001x} Landsend Back to School 2009 Picture
»{008x} Landsend Back to School 2008 Pictures
»{006x} Landsend Spring 2008 Pictures
»{002x} Landsend Fall 2007 Pictures
»{001x} Landsend On The Set 2009 Pictures


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Today is Savannah's 9th birthday! I hope you have the best ever day sweetheart!!! You so deserve it!

From me and everyone who visits the site we wish you a very HAPPY 9TH BIRTHDAY!!!

Landsend Summer 2009!

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Savannah recently appeared in the new Landsend catalog for Summer! I have added 2 new pictures to her Portfolio from this! They are so sweet and fun laughing I have also added a really old Landsend picture from when Savannah first started modelling so go and check that out as well:

Disguise Costumes!

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Late last year Savannah modelled for Disguise Costumes again and we now have the pictures! I ADORE the Aurora costume, Savannah looks so pretty! She also modelled costumes of Lola (Hannah Montana) and Viveca (Barbie and the 3 Musketeers). Go check them out in the gallery:

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